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Spixworth Hall Cottages

Tel: 01603 898 272

Swimming Pool 

The pool is at the north of the farm approximately an 800 yard walk or 2 minute drive from the main cottage site. It is open from May to the end of September and is heated by solar heat tubes and a solar powered air source heat pump which maintain a temperature of 27 - 31 C during summer.

To maintain the pool temperature please ensure cover is put back on after use

Current Bookings

We operate a booking system with fair usage policy so all our guests can have private access to the pool during thier stay. There are 9 bookable slots on each day with a free swim period that can be used by any of our guests without booking.

Booking guidelines 

  • Please only book 1 slot on each day per cottage in advance - extra on the day bookings can be made on remaining slots

  • For groups with more than one cottage please only book maximum of 2 slots in a row

  • Please do not book the same slots on consecuative days.

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