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Spixworth Hall Cottages

Tel: 01603 898 272

Electric Car Charging

We have installed an electric car charging system with 2 x 22 kW charging points.


How to use them:

Download the Monta car charging app.

Further information can be found via the link below.

The charge point IDs are:

• DKC87068-1

• DKC87068-2


These can be reserved via the Monta App which you will find in your App store on your phone.

What connection are the points:

They both have a Type 2 connectors which are not tethered.

You will need to bring your own charging cables.


What is the rate:
The rate for charging is 49 pence per kWh and a VAT receipt can be provided if required.


Please note, you are not permitted to charge your car via any other means on site and will be fined a minimum of £50 for doing so.

Where can I find the charging points:

The charging point is on the north side of our main site at what three-word location below:

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